Cambelt: How to Win Your Niche

"Content is king" proclaim the internet marketers, "You must write good content to dominate your niche." Yep, that is what everyone is saying. But I know that people in certain industries have complained that the nature of their work makes it hard to come up with content that will be valuable to readers. But there is always something you can do.

Case Study

Cambelt specializes in conveyor belts, mining equipment, frac equipment and a lot of other industrial type stuff. That might not sound very exciting. How much content can you write about this type of thing that will be interest. Well the people over there have found a couple of ways.


On the top level of navigation is a page titled technical reference. On the page are links to reference materials that Camblet has created like "Characteristics of Dry Bulk Solids" or "Common Mathematical Calculations." These are all things that people in their target market will find useful. This is wonderfully valuable stuff to write and it can be applied to just about every industry. If you are producing widgets then write about the things that you use everyday. Chances are someone in your target market will find it invaluable.


Another thing that Cambelt does is link to related companies and resources. If you don't have the resources to do a comprehensive research project on frac sanders you can at least write about the study that someone else has done. The big goal here is to establish your company as an authority in your industry. The best way to do that is to associate yourself with the established authorities. If you link to them the might link to you but even if they don't you will still be appearing on the same web page.

Operation Guides

This type of content is brilliant. How many times have you lost a technical manual. Then when something goes wrong you spend just as much time searching for the manual as you do actually fixing the machine. By putting their operation guides on their website Cambelt has made it so much easier to use their products. Cutomers remember this type of thing and they will be more likely to return and buy again.
Writing good content is not as hard as it sounds. These are three solid tips that you can use. For more about Camblet head over to and check them out.